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Dr. Mahinder Watsa's sex Q&A
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My girl friend is 28 years old and I am 21. If I talk to her about sex, she changes the topic and begins discussing something else, which I don’t like. Is she normal? How can I make her understand that discussing sex is fun?

Of course, she is normal. But obviously, she is not yet ready to meet your amorous demands. Watch a movie together and talk about the sexual behaviour of people in the story.
Categories: Sexual feelings

My partner and I indulge in unprotected sex, but the issue is after ejaculating inside the vagina, the sperms flow out automatically. If this happens, how will my wife get pregnant? After ejaculating, I let my penis remain inside her for about 15 minutes. I want my wife to get pregnant as early as possible. Please help.

It is difficult for a flaccid penis to remain in the vagina. How do you manage that? There is nothing to worry, since at one time, only the strongest of the millions of sperms swim upwards while the rest are thrown out. If conception does not take place within a year, see a gynaecologist and get a sperm test done.
Categories: Planning a baby

I am a 23-year-old woman. Recently, I shaved my pubic hair with a razor for the first time. To my surprise, I noticed several white marks on my vagina. It does not itch, neither does it pain. How to get rid of them?

Without examining you, it is difficult to say what the marks are. You can apply Betadine twice a day on one of the marks. If it disappears, put on the rest. They seem harmless, but please do see a doctor.
Categories: Sexual feelings

I am 26 years old and my husband is 28. We have been together for a year now and our sex life has been good all this while. Recently, we had sex without a condom and both of us enjoyed it a lot. We were just wondering (other than using a contraceptive pill) is there any way we can have sex without the male/female condom?

You can take the risk of having intercourse during the first seven days of your period (menstrual days) and the last seven days. Conception is not likely to occur. You can, on other days, except the tenth to the 15th day of your period, insert a tablet deep in vagina known as TODAY.
Categories: Contraception

I am 62 years old. I have occasional sex with my wife who’s of the same age, but have to use saliva as a lubricant. However, since my erect penis cannot hold a condom, I have to ejaculate outside on achieving an orgasm since she does not allow me to ejaculate inside. This is disgusting. What should I take to sustain a stronger erection, so as to wear a condom? Also, can I masturbate two to three times a month?

Why does she not allow you to ejaculate in the vagina? If the reason is her fear of getting pregnant, then tell her it is not possible at her age. You can masturbate as you please, but why not involve your wife too in the act. Try two capsules of Tentex Royal every night for 15 days.
Categories: Masturbation

Can you prescribe a safe medicine to curb all sexual desires? Indian women and the Indian society have rejected me and I don’t see any possibility of finding a mate in the near future by appropriate means. I am 24 years old and straight.

What’s with this desperate attitude? You never know. The light of your life may just be around the corner. These days, you have ample opportunities to connect with women on so many social networking sites. Attend gigs, cultural events and party. You are bound to get responses, unless you are Mr Frankenstein.
Categories: Sexual feelings

I am 26 years old and my husband is 30. He enjoys oral sex but won’t perform it on me. He is a nice person but his behaviour makes me think that he is having an affair with someone. I am worried. Please help.

Many men believe that the vagina is not clean, but they like to think that their penis is. The fact is that both the vagina and the penis are bacteria-free. Swabs have been taken from the vagina and the mouth of women and tested. More germs have been found in the mouth than in the vagina. Do not doubt your husband. Explain to him that you will enjoy it just the way he does. Tell him it will stimulate the clitoris, one of the most erotic areas of a women’s body, and help you achieve orgasm.
Categories: Oral sex, Foreplay