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Dr. Mahinder Watsa's sex Q&A
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I am a 57-year-old married man and very fond of sex. I have regular sex with my spouse and my girlfriends. I can have sex three times in two hours. By the third time, the girls get tired, but I can last a while longer. Sometimes I masturbate when it is not possible to have sex. However, my penis remains swollen for a couple of hours after masturbation. I experience no pain. Is this normal?

A true pahalwan, I must say. You can put sexperts out of business. You should tour the country and teach other lesser mortals the secret of your success. The swelling is probably being caused by the extra friction. Change your style for masturbation and it should go away.
Categories: Masturbation, Sexual feelings

I am a 41-year-old contractor. My wife is 40. I consume pills to keep my blood pressure in check and my sugar level is normal. We used to have sex thrice a week, but over the past month, I have had erectile dysfunction. I am in shock. Is it just a phase? Please help.

After 40 years, all men suffer some physiological changes. The erections become weak, the frequency of sex decreases and at times, there is loss of erection in the midst of intercourse. But help is at hand, pun unintended. Check with the doctor if the tablets have any side effects. To restore your confidence, visit a sexpert. In the meantime, consume two Ignitor tablets (Zydus) everyday for six weeks.
Categories: Erectile dysfunction

Six to eight years ago, I was suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and was prescribed Serlift and Clonil. Two months ago, I was given Fluvoxamine. The trouble is that I have lost my morning erection, and interest in sex. Before I began the treatment, I would get excited when I’d see a beautiful woman. Not anymore. I am now off medication. Have I turned impotent or am I suffering from erectile dysfunction?

It’s best you make an appointment with an andrologist/urologist, who can charter a future course of treatment for you.
Categories: Erectile dysfunction

I am an 18-year-old guy. Often, I masturbate and swallow my own semen. Will this pose a problem for me?

It won’t but aerated drinkmakers might run out of business if others start doing what you do. Once you meet a woman who attracts you, though, I hope you will figure what to do with your semen.
Categories: Masturbation

I am 15 years old, and have not been circumcised. My penis is just five inches long. Is it sufficiently large for a good sex life?

So long as you can slip back your foreskin over the head of the penis, you should have no trouble during sex. The size is satisfactory. Haven’t you heard — size isn’t everything.
Categories: Penis size

You have often said that it is safe to have unprotected sex with a woman during the first day to the seventh day of her menstrual cycle. And that intercourse is avoidable during heavy bleeding, which occurs on the first five days. But Googgle says that it’s not safe to have unprotected sex during menstruation. What’s the truth?

I have said that the first seven days of the cycle and the last day are virtually safe. Which means that on very rare occasions, pregnancy can occur.

I am a 20-year-old virgin. My vagina is dark in colour and the labia minora is wrinkled. Also, the right side covering of the labia minora is longer than the left. Why is that so? Is there a problem? Also, does the butt grow larger, if one were to have regular vaginal or anal sex?

Why are you so focused on your vagina? There is nothing wrong with it. No part of your body can increase in size due to sex.