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Dr. Mahinder Watsa's sex Q&A
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I am 27 years old. What are the symptoms of AIDS? Whenever I have sex, I ejaculate quickly. The second attempt lasts longer. I have tried the stop-start method but in vain.

Satisfy your curiosity by visiting Wikipedia. For premature ejaculation, consult a sexologist.
Categories: Premature ejaculation

I am a 43-year-old man. I have issues with getting and maintaining an erection while having sexual intercourse with my wife. I have tried Viagra, but I get a severe headache after taking it. Please suggest a medicine that does not have side effects and will help me achieve and maintain an erection.

Take two Tentex Royal capsules an hour before bed bedtime for 15 days. Take it daily even if you are not having sex.
Categories: Erectile dysfunction, Viagra

If I use a laptop on my lap, is the sperm flow likely to get disturbed? What if I keep a pillow under it?

It’s better to use a table to place your laptop on. The pillow can heat up. I believe laptop- specific pillows are available too. Mini laptop tables are also being sold in the market.

Can riding a motorbike cause erectile dysfunction? What precautions can motorbike riders and enthusiasts take?

It cannot cause erectile dysfunction, but it can cause a drop in sperm formation. Ensure that the saddle is wellpadded, and you wear comfortable underwear, preferably made from cotton.
Categories: Erectile dysfunction

My wife and I are 29 years old. We have been married for four years. For the first two years, we enjoyed a good sex life, but gradually her sex drive dipped. After a rough patch, we have grown intimate again but unfortunately, my erections don’t last long. It could be due to hypertension or the total lack of sex for two years. What according to you are effective short term and long term solutions?

It’s best to see a specialist. To delay ejaculation, I suggest you start with leisurely foreplay, and help your wife reach orgasm before you begin intercourse. Try a six-week course of Confido (1 tablet twice a day).
Categories: Erectile dysfunction

I am a 19-year-old girl. I have small breasts. Till what age do breasts grow? I have another question. Is it harmful to lick if Lox 2% ointment is applied?

Breasts develop till 18 years. Any area touched by Lox will become numb for an hour or two.

Recently, I noticed that the front portion of my foreskin was swollen and turned red. Also, beneath the foreskin, a white smelly substance had formed. I have been experiencing a little pain as well. What do I do?

You have developed an infection. Apply Betadine ointment and consult your doctor who may prescribe you oral antibiotics.