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Dr. Mahinder Watsa's sex Q&A Back to Q & A

About this site

This site is a compilation of questions and answers by Dr. Mahinder Watsa,
Sexual Medicine practitioner & Counsellor and Gynecologist.

These questions appeared in his popular column in Mumbai Mirror, which
is a part of the Times of India group.

This is NOT the official website of Dr.Watsa but was created as a public service
to help his vast number of fans easily search for answers to their questions.
It takes time and effort to maintain this site but Indians have urgent questions
about sex, and Dr.Watsa is doing a yoeman's service answering them.


Contact us : To write to the webmaster of this site, send a mail to
webmaster at mahinderwatsa dot com
Please note : This is NOT the email address of Dr. Watsa.
To get his contact details, check out his column in the Mumbai Mirror.