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Dr. Mahinder Watsa's sex Q&A
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I am a 27-year-old woman. I was in a relationship with a man for nine years and had sex with him on several occasions. However, he passed away in February this year. So I am alone and tense. My family is now looking for a man to get me married. Is it possible that my vagina can be tightened again?

Sorry to hear about your partner. The vagina does not expand, but the hymen could have split. Visit Google, look up Kegel exercise and practise them regularly.

My girlfriend and I are 19 years old. Sometime ago, I inserted my finger into her vagina. Ever since, she has not got her periods. Is there any chance of pregnancy?

Your finger does not ooze sperms so she cannot be pregnant. But are you sure your penis did not go anywhere near her vagina?

I am 41 years old. I get a good erection during foreplay, but of late, I have been unable to sustain it. I lose my erection before I penetrate. I have been having Nexfolin for the past two months, but it hasn’t helped. Please advise.

Most men after the age of 40 suffer from the problem. But proper medication can correct it. Start Vigomax Forte, one tablet, twice a day, for %one month. If this doesn’t help, %see a sexpert.
Categories: Erectile dysfunction

I am a 34-year-old married man. Whenever my wife wants to have sex, I fail to get aroused. I don't get an erection. Six months ago, I had sex with my wife and felt very tired after the act. Have I lost my stamina? When I masturbate I get an erection. Even then the erection is not hard and doesn’t last long. The moment I stop rubbing my penis, the erection falls. Please help.

At your age, you should not be suffering from this problem. It could be that you are physically unfit. Please visit your doctor, and check for diabetes and stress. If necessary, see a sexologist.
Categories: Erectile dysfunction

I am a 20-year-old woman. Recently, I tried to have sex with my partner. It hurt a lot and I started bleeding. We tried again but faced the same problem. After the act, my boyfriend applied coconut oil on his penis and around my vagina. I also took an iPill. I got my period earlier than expected. Is there a medicine that will make it easier for both of us to have sex?

Use a condom at all times. Buy a tube of LOX 2% gel. Apply a little of it inside the vaginal opening and around it. Wipe it off 15 minutes before having sex. You will not feel the pain if he uses a lubricated condom. But he should use a vegetable gel like Lubic gel, or his saliva, over the condom, not oil. If the bleeding continues, see a gynaecologist.
Categories: Pain during intercourse, Contraception

Recently, I had sex with a friend but he didn’t ejaculate inside me. Nevertheless, since my periods were due and chances of pregnancy were high I took an iPill. My friend bled during and after the intercourse. He said that this happens since his foreskin is tight. However, now there is an infection in my vagina. It is red, itchy and there’s also a burning sensation. There’s also a white discharge. Could you let me know if the pill has worked and how I could cure the infection?

Please stop using such heroic measures. Insist on a condom always. You have developed a mild infection. Try applying Candid B cream. If it doesn’t improve, see a gynaecologist.
Categories: Sexually transmitted diseases

My friend and I are both 22 years old. She is not a virgin so she can easily insert two fingers in her vagina. Even I can, but I am a virgin. However, I have to use a lot of lubrication to do so. Is it okay? Will my future husband doubt my virginity? Please help.

What is okay? If your husband asks, tell him the truth that you masturbate and hence have no hymen (which does not in any way indicate that you’ve had intercourse).
Categories: Virginity