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Dr. Mahinder Watsa's sex Q&A
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I am 23 years old. This morning, I passed semen along with urine. I am worried about my sexual health. Please pass on numbers of andrologists or urologists of repute.

Occasionally, if you squat while passing stool, remnant sperms in the ejaculatory duct flow out with the urine. This is termed the Dhat syndrome. If you are worried, see an andrologist/urologist at any established hospital.
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I have the habit of pouring talcum powder on and around my testicles and penis after I bathe every day. Is it carcinogenic?

I do not think so.
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I am 18 years old. When I first had sex with my boyfriend, I didn’t bleed. Why is that so? I was a virgin until then.

It’s probably because he didn’t penetrate you deep enough or your hymen may have split earlier due to exercising or masturbation.
Categories: Virginity

I feel a strong urge to have sex with a hot woman. But I don’t have a girlfriend and I don’t like to masturbate. What should I do?

Cool down and masturbate your fantasies away. That is the only outlet you have. If you don’t like it, you must figure how to find a girlfriend.
Categories: Masturbation, Sexual feelings

Recently, when I was playing cricket, my testicles got hit by the ball. I experienced tremendous pain but after 15 minutes I was able to walk normally. When I menstruate, I can ejaculate without any pain. Will I face any problem in future?

Not ‘menstruate’. Only women have that privilege. You masturbate. The hit did not cause any damage.
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I am 42 years old and my wife is 34. I used to enjoy a good sex life, but of late my erection has gone soft. My penis is not hard enough when I penetrate her. In one of your columns, you had prescribed a course of Tentex Royal tablet. Will it work for me?

Just take one tablet of Tentex Royal for three weeks. If you see no improvement, email me on the address mentioned below.
Categories: Erectile dysfunction

I am 24 years old and my partner is 23. We had sex on the sixth day of her period. She has a 28-day menstruation cycle. Our intercourse lasted only two minutes and I am not sure whether I ejaculated inside her. Can she get pregnant?

The possibility, although not common, always exists. If you are within seventy two hours of the act, ask her to consume one tablet of IPILL.
Categories: Contraception