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Dr. Mahinder Watsa's sex Q&A
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I am 21 years old and my girlfriend is 18 years old. She says she hates sex and it does not give her any pleasure. Whenever I perform oral sex on her, she hardly gets excited. However, she enjoys kissing. Is this normal?

Difficult to say, but since she enjoys foreplay, prolong that till she gets an orgasm. Try and find out the reasons. If there are some misconceptions, they can be cleared.
Categories: Oral sex, Foreplay

The skin around my anal region has black spots. I know that genitals are generally darker than the rest of the body. But is this true of the anal region too, or do I have some infection?

Show your colour to the doctor and let him decide.

I am 30 years old and got married 10 months ago. My wife does not respond to my sexual overtures and I am unsatisfied with her. My manager has become very friendly with me and shares dirty jokes and asks about my private parts. Can I have sex with her since we both are dissatisfied with our partners?

Why not take the trouble to gently teach your wife your ways and also find out what she prefers. Flirting with the manager is your choice but it’s likely to get you into trouble.

I am a 20-year-old man. Recently, while I was watching a movie at a theatre, the woman sitting next to me slowly slid her hand on my lap and opened the zip of my trousers. I lost control and went with the flow. She performed oral sex on me till I ejaculated. After the act, she demanded money and I learnt that she was a prostitute. Is there any chance that I’ll be infected with HIV?

You were, certainly, not using your common sense. There is always a chance of contracting HIV from an unknown partner. Hope that you are safe. It’s best you get an HIV test done after five months.
Categories: Sexually transmitted diseases

Six months ago, I had protected sex with a commercial sex worker in China. Within a gap of four months, I underwent PCR and western blot test, respectively, and the results were negative. I have developed a small ulcer in the mouth, which has been disappearing and reappearing, repeatedly. Should I go for an HIV test again?

I think you can consider yourself safe. Mouth ulcers can be caused by other infections. See your doctor.
Categories: Sexually transmitted diseases

I am 35-year-old man. I wish to remove my pubic hair. I used Veet hair-removing cream once. It did not irritate my skin. Can I continue to use this cream every week on my penis and testicles? Will it cause harm in the long run?

Snip your pubic hair short with a pair of scissors and accept the fact that it looks dignified enough.

I am a 17-year-old girl. I get normal periods around the 10th or 15th of every month. However, for the past few months, I have been experiencing a severe pain in my back and stomach while menstruating. What could the reason be?

You can take a painkiller for relief. But the cause should be investigated by a gynaecologist.