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Dr. Mahinder Watsa's sex Q&A
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I am a 37-year-old woman. You say that one can have unprotected sex before and after seven days of the period. I got my last period on October 31, and had unprotected sex with my husband on November 23 and November 25. Should I take an iPill?

Not after seven days of the period — the most fertile time — but during the first seven days during the period. Since it is well past the 15th day that you had sex I don’t think you need to take an iPill.
Categories: Contraception

Is it okay for a human to lick and suck on a vagina or a penis?

Humans do include this activity during foreplay. It is your and your partner’s choice.
Categories: Oral sex

I am female aged 31. I got married three years ago. My boyfriend and I enjoy sex and I want to have anal sex with him. How can we do this? I am planning a child. How do I know from whom I have got pregnant?

You have gone out of the box of marriage so you figure whose baby it is. Anal sex without a condom is not advised.
Categories: Planning a baby

I have small, whitish patch on the top of my penis. It’s on the outside of the foreskin and looks like a fungal infection. I used Neo-Clobenate ointment, but that didn’t help. There is no itching sensation. Is there any ointment that will help?

Try Betadine ointment for 10 days. If there’s no improvement, visit a skin specialist at a general hospital.

My 20-year-old friend has been ‘bed humping’ for the last two years. He has been unable to get proper erections and also, his sperm quality has deteriorated – it has become as thin as water. He has spent almost Rs 15,000 on Ayurvedic medicines but in vain. He now says he doesn’t wish to live anymore. I request you to advice proper medication or exercise that’ll help him regain his erections.

Are you sure it is your friend you are talking about? Masturbation should not cause any complication in achieving erections. As for the ejaculate, it doesn’t matter if it’s thin, watery or thick, as the sperm content in it remains the same. You can refer to the Yellow Pages for names of sexperts who he can consult.
Categories: Masturbation

I am a 24-year-old man. Whenever I see a beautiful girl, my penis instantly gets erect — any time, anywhere. I feel bad when it happens.

What do you expect it to do? Hide between your thighs? Learn better control and save your fantasies for the right times.
Categories: Sexual feelings

I am 29 years old and have been masturbating regularly for some years now. However, I feel I don’t get the strong erections I used to. Will my condition improve if I stop masturbating? And what do you mean when you say that one should masturbate only when sexually excited?

It means you do not make it a habit, and masturbate for no other reason, but to satisfy sexual excitement.
Categories: Masturbation